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Georgia, Armenia: Background research and suggestions for national agricultural insurance scheme setup

AgroInsurance experts have successfully conducted analysis of agricultural production in both Georgia and Armenia and elaborated the Country Risk Profile (CRP) for both states. As an additional task for Phase 2, AgroInsurance experts successfully developed an insurance product model, which has been finally considered as a final, most viable option for suggestion to the state authorities.

Project: Agricultural insurance in Georgia and Armenia
Country: Georgia, Armenia
Duration: 11/2014 – 08/2015
Client: KfW Development Bank
Consultant(s): Ian Shynkarenko (CEO), AgroInsurance International LLC.

Provide a viable solution on national ag-insurance scheme setup for both Georgia and Armenia.

Services provided:

  • Background research and advice/suggestions for:
  • Country’s crops production
  • Risks most affecting the country’s ag production
  • Analysis of insurance products viable for the country’s specific market
  • Provide a proposal for national ag insurance scheme setup
  • Insurance product delivery channels
  • Awareness campaign: primary and secondary goals
  • Addressing the specific needs of different groups of farmers

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