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Georgia: Impact Analysis & Study - Effects of Agricultural Insurance on state budget spending and financial stability of farmers in the country

AgroInsurance experts have successfully conducted advice, peer review and backstopping services in a study on an impact of agricultural insurance on Georgian agricultural infrastructure and financing needs from the state budget. Probabilistic scenario and effects for 10-year time-frame.  

Project: Impact Analysis Study & Simulation
Country: Georgia
Duration: 04/2014 – 07/2014
Client: USAID
Consultant(s): Ian Shynkarenko (CEO), AgroInsurance International LLC. / ISET

Conduct an impact analysis study and simulations, score the probable scenarios of financial load on state budget, farmer’s financial turnover, and household’s financial stability. Report and present on the most viable scenarios and their effects on the financial stability of country of Georgia.

Services provided:

  • Advice, peer review & backstopping:
  • PPP Models, Scenarios
  • MPCI product structuring
  • Development of an optimal subsidy load on each option of MPCI coverage 94 options within 1 product)
  • Addressing the needs of 3 major farmers’ groups: Smallholders (1.5-2 ha), Mid-size (3-20 ha), Large (20 – more)
  • Analysis of MPCI product delivery channels
  • Awareness campaign structure & costs: primary and secondary steps, financial load, goals

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