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Spain - Hail damages 15,000 hectares in Valencia

The hail that has fallen over the weekend in various parts of the Region of Valencia has caused damage to some 15,000 hectares of crops in the province of Valencia, especially in Camp de Túria, Ayora-Cofrentes, Los Serranos, Vall d’Albaida and the Ribera Baixa.
The most affected crops in terms of extension, with about 3,000 hectares each, are cereals, olives (although there will be little damage to the crop) and almonds (for which more production damage is expected).
As reported by the Unió de Llauradors (Growers’ Association) in a statement, citrus fruits have also been affected, with a little more than 2,500 hectares hit. Other crops affected are wine grapes, with 1,400 hectares, apricots, with 400 hectares, kakis (384 hectares), peaches (350 hectares) and plums (100 hectares).
The extent of the damage has differed depending on the specific area; for example, there are plots with 100% damage, while others only 500 metres away have recorded minimal incidence.
This makes it difficult to quantify the damages, as pointed out by the same sources.
The most affected region is the Ayora-Cofrentes Valley, with a little less than 6,000 hectares hit, and in Camp de Túria there are about 5,000 hectares affected, especially in the municipalities of Casinos, Llíria, Pedralba and Pobla de Vallbona.
In general, and despite all of the above, the rain has been welcome in most regions, although growers lament that there have been very short episodes with great precipitation, which means that the land will be unable to absorb all the water.
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