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Spain - Storm destroys all apricots yet to be harvested in Caravaca

The recent hailstorm recorded in the municipalities of Caravaca and Moratalla unfortunately had very negative consequences. It especially affected the districts of Barranda, Singla and La Almudema, where hailstones of two to four centimetres in diameter were observed.
Agricultural producers suffered the biggest problems, as both the rain and hail damaged the apricots that had yet to be harvested
Pedro Guerrero, head for the Nuts department at Fecoam, explained that this storm has affected “the little apricot that had yet to be harvested, as well as the olives that were now in the middle of the setting stage, which although still small, may have suffered a lot of damage,” he lamented.
Guerrero also recalled that this hail has affected the cereal that was still unharvested. Lastly, he recalled that “at a foliar level, it has caused damage to all trees, and in the almond sector, it may have damaged the tree more than the fruit,” explaining that “these losses of foliage caused by hail affect the tree’s health at a time when it may be difficult for it to continue bearing the fruit it had in all its branches.”
The vehicles that were circulating the roads in the area at that time were also surprised by the severe storm, which left up to 17 litres per square meter in an hour in some places. The drivers had to take refuge in petrol stations and restaurants of the area until the storm was over. In the hamlet of Barranda, more than half a dozen cars were damaged, as the hail broke their windscreens.
The roads also suffered the impact of the storm, especially the one connecting Caravaca and Venta de Cavila, as well as the access to some districts, where several dry riverbeds were flooded.
The authorities asked everyone to take all possible precautions.
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