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2020 AgroInsurance Conference – COVID-19 update. October 5-7, 2020 dates remain effective

As of today, the number of confirmed COVID-19 has surpassed 9 million cases worldwide. With different levels of quarantine effects, many European and Asian countries report passing the most critical stage, while some countries are still struggling to limit new daily cases. European Union has opened internal borders facilitating safe travel protocols. International travels are reported to gradually resume in many countries starting from July 2020.

The Republic of Georgia, selected as the location for the 5th AgroInsurance Conference, had slightly over 900 COVID-19 cases in total, as of June 22, 2020. The government of Georgia applied efficient restrictions, social distancing and disinfecting measures throughout the whole period since the beginning of March 2020. Travel and hotel industries in the country gradually resume business operations since June 15, 2020 without negative effects on new COVID-19 cases for the last week. Georgia expects to resume international travel starting from July 15, 2020. However, the latest possible date considered is August 1, 2020.

Earlier announced new tentative conference dates (October 5-7, 2020) remain effective. Conference premises are fully suited for maintaining the required social distancing between the participants, as well as necessary disinfection measures applied by the hotel and dining locations.

AgroInsurance Team monitors the COVID-19 situation and follows the updates from Georgia and most of the countries represented by the registered participants. All updates on conference arrangements are posted on and web-sites and e-mailed to registered participants and the AgroInsurance contact list.

The next conference update is expected on July 20, 2020, following the opening of the international travel by Georgia, the European Union and Asian countries.

AgroInsurance Team wishes you and your close ones strong health and good mood. We look forward to welcoming you in Tbilisi, Georgia, in October 2020!

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October 5-7, 2020

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