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Ukraine - Corn damaged by hail (fotos)



Hail damaged crops in Cherkassy oblast on July 3 and 13, 2009. Corn got significant damage however forage corn was less affected. According to insurance experts, the farmers will see 10-15% of yield drop, in the worst case damage will reach 20%. Stil the farmers were lucky as cobs were formed and the plants continue caring for grain.

Corn damaged will need to be treated with pesticides to minimize disease impact. Leaves were torn by pieces with some leaves damaged at 30-40%, though the plants by the side of the fields were damaged more than in the center.

Hail size was from 5 to7 mm in diameter.

See picturesLeaves damaged

Forage corn was in earlier development stage when hail happened. By the survey date forage cron plants fully recovered from hail.

Lower stalk part damaged by hail, diseases might take their tall if plants not treated by pesticides

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