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2020 AgroInsurance Conference – COVID-19 update. October 5-7, 2020 dates remain effective

Earlier announced new tentative conference dates (October 5-7, 2020) remain effective. Conference premises are fully suited for maintaining the required social distancing between the participants, as well as necessary disinfection measures applied by the hotel and dining locations. The next conference update is expected on July 20, 2020, following the opening of the international travel by Georgia, the European Union and Asian countries.


AgroInsurance and Skyglyph hosted a webinar dedicated to the use of drones in agricultural insurance

On June 9, 2020, AgroInsurance International and Skyglyph hosted a webinar “Drones: Technology enhancing agricultural insurance”. The webinar touched upon the use of remote sensing technologies with an accent on drones applied for crop insurance purposes. More than 60 online participants from 25 countries joined the webinar and contributed to the discussion by asking specific technical questions adding more insights from the customers on technical aspects of drones’ use. Such questions and answers were collected and are presented in the document - Webinar: Drones - Technology enhancing agricultural insurance, Q&A The webinar participants represented insurers, reinsurers, consulting agencies, technology and service providers from the following countries: France, Indonesia, Poland, Germany, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Estonia, Serbia, Armenia, Latvia, Israel, Cambodia, Singapore, India, Switzerland, Turkey, Netherlands, Morocco, Russia, North Macedonia, United Kingdom and USA. The webinar panelists were Ian V. Shynkarenko (CEO of Agroinsurance), Roman Shynkarenko (Technical Director,AgroInsurance), and Victor Yermak (CEO of Skyglyph). Presentations covered major technology operational aspects of practical drone use for the needs of underwriting and loss adjustment in agricultural insurance. Topics covered the classification of drones and key challenges of the drone industry: regulatory issues, certification requirements and operation specifics for various needs in crop insurance. Panelists highlighted on the challenges experienced in practice by crop surveyors and loss adjustors, provided key recommendations on how to make the field survey more efficient. Experts have also provided a number of examples of using satellite remote sensing, portfolio mapping and applications for drones distant operation based on crop insurance experience in Australia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and other countries. Source -


Live webinar event - Drones: Technology enhancing agricultural insurance

Join us on Tuesday, June 9at 9:00 am (GMT+3) time for a webinar dedicated to using drones in agricultural insurance. The webinar will cover the main technological and operational aspects of using drones in agricultural insurance, providing classification of drones and key challenges of the drone industry: regulatory environment, certification, operation specifics for various needs and challenges of practical applications.


Panel discussion on Index-Based Pasture Insurance - Live webinar event

Join us on Thursday, May 7 at 8:00 am Central Time for a special panel discussion on index-based pasture insurance. Ian Shynkarenko, Agroinsurance CEO, will moderate a panel discussion with Laurent Sabatié, Skyline Partners co-founder, and Matthieu Hyrien, Geosys VP of business development and marketing to discuss both current applications and future opportunities for index-based pasture insurance. See why a pasture index for risk management work with a case study on the Pasture Disaster Program in France and gain insights into data-driven pasture index insurance programs. Participants will discuss processes for global application and time will be also allocated for questions from the audiences. This event is open to all and free or charge, but please note that space is limited. Register today to secure your spot or contact us at if you’d like to receive a video recording after the event. About Skyline Partners Skyline Partners is a parametric insurance underwriting agency backed by a panel of top tier international insurers and reinsurers with superior ratings. They use data, science and new technology to create innovative insurance protections for emerging risks and under-protected regions. They take advantage of the emergence of new data sources to create tailored protections adapted to our clients’ needs, making risk transfer more accessible and affordable. Skyline is entirely digital, fully automated and data driven. This makes insurance fair and affordable, transparent and accessible, immediate and relevant. If you are a company interested in their insurance products, either for your own benefit or for your customers, please feel free to contact About AgroInsurance is a specialized informational and analytical resource featuring a broad array of issues related to agricultural insurance and risk management in the agrarian sector. The web-site was founded in 2006 by Roman Shynkarenko and a team of consultants that have worked in the insurance sector and have an analytical, research and training professional background. We have accumulated many documents while working in the segment of agricultural insurance for the past 10 years and would like to offer them to the visitors of our web-site. Source -


2020 AgroInsurance Conference – Update on the COVID-19 situation and reschedule of conference dates

As of today, the global number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has exceeded 300,000, thus doubling since our last communication on March 9th, 2020. Here at AgroInsurance International we feel responsible for the safety and health of our conference participants and guests. After receiving your feedback through the form sent on March 9th, the AgroInsurance team would like to confirm that the Conference has been rescheduled for October 5-7, 2020.


2020 AgroInsurance Conference - Agenda Updated

The Agenda for the International Conference "Agroinsurance, Reinsurance & Brokerage for CIS, Europe & Asia" has been updated. The first list of presentations is already available at the official website - The key focus of 2020 Conference is made on challenges and technical specifics of insurance programs. Conference speakers will share their experience in applying indemnity-based and index-based solutions, bundling agricultural insurance with financial services of input suppliers and financial institutions, which is of a high interest among the insurers and international donor community. Call for Presentations is still open for those who would like to suggest topics of interest or suggest delivering the presentation on a specific area of expertise. Among the already confirmed presentations, Swiss Re specialists will speak about drought insurance based on Satellite soil moisture measurements (Marcel Andriesse) and monitoring of hail occurrence based on lightning characteristics (Marc Chautams). Technology section will include the presentation from the European Space Agency and from several technology service providers, including the topic of advanced climate analytics for the agricultural insurance sector based on crop-specific climate indices (Gregory Mygdakos). Presentations in the final agenda will cover such sections: regional/country markets overview, specifics of crop and livestock insurance programs, underwriting and adjusting losses for specific risks and crops, successful agricultural insurance programs introduced by development cooperation agencies, application of index-based insurance solutions and use of technology to better handle the agricultural risks portfolio. Conference Agenda will include a Panel Discussion on the challenges the agricultural insurance faces and ways to resolve such challenges with new earth observation instruments and techniques made available to international community. Conference Agenda will include a 3rd day field visit to show the participants several agricultural production sites for livestock, stone fruits, hazel nuts and wine grapes production in Georgia. All registered participants will take an advantage of the Field Visit free-of-charge, with the transportation and food provided by the Conference Organizers during the whole day of Field Visit. As of January 20, 2020, participants from over 10 countries have already confirmed interest in participation. Confirmed participants come from such countries as: USA, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Israel, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and other countries. Conference guests represent insurers, reinsurers, brokers, consulting agencies, technology service providers, state agencies, insurance supervisory authorities and international development organizations. The list of participants will be available in the second part of February and will be updated on a weekly basis after publishing. A separate release note on confirmed participants will follow in February. AgroInsurance Conference Team invites representatives of insurance companies to join the conference’s discussions with a 25% discounted fee. Promo-codes for special registration rate is made available to direct insurers upon their request. Inquiries are accepted through the contacts, as follows: Official web page: Place for venue:    Dates:     Conference Organizer: Conference Manager: Conference Administrator: Contact phone:        Contact email: Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi, Georgia    April 27-29, 2020 AgroInsurance International LLC. – Ian Shynkarenko Liudmyla Krychevska +995 599 3 777 01   Source –


2020 International Conference on “Agricultural Insurance, Reinsurance and Brokerage in CIS, Europe & Asia” - dates and place are set, registration is open

2020 International Conference on “Agricultural Insurance, Reinsurance and Brokerage in CIS, Europe & Asia” - dates and place are set, registration is open


Austria - 'Earth Observation Best Practice for Agri-Insurance' Workshop

In spring this year, ESA already contacted you to take part in the survey about Earth Observation for the Agro-Insurance sector. As an outcome of the survey, ESA will hold a one-day workshop where you can get in closer contact with each other, partners from the Agro-Insurance sector and the EO-sector. During the workshop, the results will be presented and you will have the opportunity to talk about your requirements more in detail. The results of this workshop will be an essential input for the ESA project “Earth Observation Best Practice for Agri-Insurance” and will help to produce a roadmap for the development of Agro-Insurance guidelines for the use of EO data by the Agro-Insurance sector. The workshop to be free of charge and will take place in Innsbruck, Austria, on 22nd of November. We kindly invite you to take part in this workshop. An invitation with all necessary details to be provided. For further details, questions and answers, please contact: Ralf Ryter - Source -


Ecuador - International Seminar "Agricultural insurance for strengthening policy, financial service and use of new technologies" will take place in August 6-8, 2019

International Seminar "Agricultural insurance for strengthening policy, financial service and use of new technologies" will take place in August 6-8, 2019 at Hotel Rio Amazonas in Quito, Ecuador. Objective: To strengthen the development of agricultural insurance market in Latin America based on Ecuadorian experience; and to improve the insurance service considering the impacts of climate change on small and medium farmers. Specific objectives: Identify the competitiveness and productivity of the agricultural sector through the generation of risk management culture. Share successful experiences in policy design for agricultural insurance in Latin America. Know how to incorporate new technologies and investments that increase effectiveness and sustainability of agricultural insurance. Provide mechanisms to encourage the use of agricultural insurance, with the support of key market actors, both private and public. Learn about the claims management procedures developed by countries-participants. Knowledge and skills participants to acquire: Institutional models and successful public policy design. Credit instruments anchored to an agricultural insurance policy. Technologies that improve the quality of agricultural insurance service. Know how to perform proper claims management. Exchange of experiences with all the actors involved in both the private and public sector. Organized by: MAG and GIZ with the support of ALASA Source -


Spain - Free Online course MOOC "How to manage agricultural and environmental risks?"

Agriculture, as an economic activity directly depends on the natural environment that is vulnerable to various phenomens of a biological nature (pests and diseases), climatic-environmental (climate change, droughts, floods ...), and economic (price volatility ... ). All of these make it necessary to apply for a strategic approach to the management of the inherent risks of this activity.


Italy - ESA workshop "Earth Observation best practices for the Agro-Insurance Sector"

In the last few years there has been a fast growth in the amount of Earth observation data acquired from space. New ways to enable its exploitation may offer many opportunities to various industries, including agriculture insurance. To extract the full Earth observation potential for the sector, the European Space Agency initiates the workshop “Earth Observation best practices for the Agro-Insurance Sector”. In this workshop, agro-insurance players will exchange their views, identify challenges and opportunities in order to improve industry's business operations in the future. The workshop will take place on Thursday 16th of May 2019 at the Agora Giardino at the Living Planet Symposium, Milan, Italy. The link below provides more details and the registration form for the event. Agenda is pending with the workshop organizers. ESA_AgroInsurance_LPS_InvitationLetter Source -


2018 International Conference on “Agricultural Insurance, Reinsurance and Brokerage in CIS, Europe & Asia” - dates and place are set, registration is open

AgroInsurance International is happy to announce new dates and place of the 4th International Conference “Agricultural Insurance, Reinsurance & Brokerage in CIS, Europe & Asia”. The next venue will be held on April 16-18, 2018 in Belgrade, Serbia, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Conference ‘early bird’ registration starts on November 13, 2017.