Peru - This avocado season is really a puzzle that is barely starting to be put together

15.05.2024 120 views

As Peru's avocado season is nearing the halfway mark, the climate related challenges mean forecasting how it will progress and eventually end, still remain somewhat of a mystery. Renzo Ceruti, general manager of the Geneva, Switzerland based importer Three Rivers, "This avocado season from Peru is particularly challenging due to the weather impact, we have seen higher temperatures and they have resulted in lesser volumes, smaller sizes and a shift in the harvests from the different regions of Peru."

Three Rivers was started by Peruvians based in Switzerland in 2019, which also has an office in Ica, Peru. "Our company started in Europe, more specifically in Switzerland in 2019. Originally, our sole activity was sourcing and distribution of products from Peru into Europe. Since 2023 we have expanded and started operations as exporters of avocados from Peru. We are a lean team of Peruvians with a vast experience in the produce industry, passionate about our country and what Peru has to offer to the world."

Ceruti says this season is indeed puzzling to them. "This season is really a puzzle that we are barely starting to put together, we are halfway into the season and though we could have a broad idea of how it could unfold, it is still difficult to forecast with certainty. It is possible that we will see a decent flow of medium to smaller sizes throughout the season, and we are preparing commercially for this scenario in order to put the right fruit and the right calibre in the right supermarket basket."

The young company is rapidly growing exports to Switzerland and the rest of Europe. "In terms of volume, in our first year we exported 20 containers and this year we expect to export around 100 containers of fresh avocados, mainly to Europe. We are confident that we can achieve these numbers with great results for our partners, until today we have exported over 50 containers. More than half of those have already reached their destination, showing an excellent quality at arrival and ripening," states Ceruti.

Their local base in Ica allows the company to reach many small to medium producers who supply the avocados. They also source citrus, table grapes, mangoes, pomegranates, blueberries, and ginger. "We work with small and medium growers of avocados, from the highlands to the coast, to export the right fruit at the right commercial window. We work mainly with Hass avocados and for specific requests we work with greenskin varieties, though in much lesser quantities. We like to think of ourselves as the Peruvian experts in Europe. Having the industry experience we have and being present in the fields of Peru and in the markets of Europe, we provide our partners in Peru and in Europe with a competitive advantage that no other operator can offer. Our vision is to provide the right fruit into the right market in the most direct way possible, no more and no less, we believe each avocado quality has the right market to where it belongs," explains Ceruti.

Looking to the immediate future, he says they look to expand in the Asian markets from next year. "Looking into 2025, we are currently in discussions with a company that champions the distribution of avocados through cutting edge technology in China and Southeast Asia. This distributor is simply looking to have the right quality at the right moment, so we are looking forward to being present in the Asian markets in 2025," concludes Ceruti.

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