The specialists of our web-site provide free basic consultations to the visitors. The terms of providing complex consultations should be coordinated with the administration separately. You can fill the request form below or send your question directly to our consultants – contacts

For producers of agricultural commodities:

  • the choice of insurance products and programs; 
  • consultations before signing insurance contracts;
  • what to do after risk event and how to do the loss handling; 
  • legal consultations of our partners. 

For insurance companies: 

  • consultations on insurance products for agricultural sector; 
  • consultations on the development and introduction of weather index insurance products (low temperatures in winter, drought, spring and autumn frosts, excessive rainfall, lack of effective positive temperatures);
  • training of agricultural insurance specialists; 
  • consultations on the development of marketing and informational documents on agricultural insurance. 

For government institutions: 

  • analysis of the insurance programs and consultation on design of insurance support programs;
  •  consultations on the changes and modifications to the existing legislation; 
  • consultations on introduction of new insurance products (weather and yield indexes); 
  • independent monitoring of insurance companies’ work in agricultural sector; 
  • consultations on licensing of insurance companies (agricultural products and rules of insurance) and monitoring of sound insurance practice. 

For finance institutions (banks, leasing companies, credit unions) and investment companies: 

  • consultations on complex credit and insurance programs; 
  • consultations on risk management in agricultural sector;
  • consultations on monitoring the agricultural credit portfolio and investment projects. 

For processors and input suppliers: 

  • consultations on the development of complex insurance and risk management programs; 
  • consultations on risk management for processors; 
  • consultations on the development of monitoring programs to supervise producers – commodity suppliers and customers (seasonal credit). 

Project coordinator – Yan Shynkarenko 

E-mail – yshynkarenko(at) 

Contact phone – +380 98 539-33-35