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AgroInsurance Conference - The conference program has been updated with new topics. Nineteen keynote speakers will make presentations on various subjects related to agricultural insurance

More than 70 delegates from 25 countries have confirmed their participation. Various aspects of agricultural insurance will be presented by nineteen guest speakers. An updated program, information about confirmed presenters and the latest list of participants are available on the event’s website –

In addition to specialist presentations that will be discussed in individual sessions, delegates will have an opportunity to participate in a panel discussion on: “Modern Technology in Agricultural Insurance”.  The aim of the panel session will be to focus on issues existing in and solutions available for the application of satellite monitoring and drones in different countries. Special emphasis will be placed on the discussion of regulatory rules governing the use of drones.  Experts will also talk about the development of multi-risk management programs in agriculture and their use in agricultural insurance in Central and Eastern Europe.

A cocktail reception awaits the delegates at the end of the first day. Guests will have an opportunity to socialize in a more informal setting. At the end of the second day, everyone will be invited to a gala dinner, which will take place in the Kalemegdan castle, situated in Belgrade’s historical part.  Guests will be offered a tour of the historical castle before the gala dinner.  A special program awaits the guests where they will have a chance to taste national dishes and learn more about Serbia’s heritage and culture.

Registration applications are accepted through April 15, 2018.  The program is available on the event’s official website at




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Hyatt Regency Belgrade, Serbia

April 16-18, 2018

Agroinsurance International –

Yan Shynkarenko

+995 599 3 777 01

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