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Armenia - Agriculture ministry embarks on ambitious reforms with unpredictable multiplicative effect

Armenia’s agriculture ministry has embarked on ambitious reforms with an unpredictable multiplicative effect, Karen Karapetyan, Armenian prime minister, said Thursday at a regular Cabinet meeting, where the Cabinet ministers upheld the concept of lessening damage from natural disasters through enhancing agriculture sector’s resistance to such disasters, cushioning their strikes and introducing early warning mechanisms.

The necessity of this concept was prompted by the growing intensiveness and quantity of natural disasters and the damage they inflict to farming.

The concept, if put into practice, will lessen risks and crop losses in agriculture, will enhance productivity of farmers’ activity and will reduce poverty in villages.

“We has designed a very good program, since these measures include agricultural insurance, modernization of the irrigation system, deployment of anti-hail units, including anti-hail webs, and anti-mudflow systems etc.,” Karapetyan said. “I am convinced that this is a smart system, and we have plenty to change in this segment.”

Addressing to the agriculture minister, he said he expects from him substantial changes in the system.

The premier also pointed out the necessity of improvement of the farmers training system, since now it is not effective.

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