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Armenia - Farmers cannot afford anti-hail grids

Armenian farmers cannot afford to install anti-hail grids, Sarkis Sedrakyan, the head of  Farmer Heritage NGO, told reporters. He said the cost of installing anti hail grids one a hectare of land is about $25,000. ” Who of local farmers will spend as much in the present-day Armenia? “Sedrakyan asked.

He said, even farmers in many rich countries can not afford it. “The best protection against hailstorms are  anti-hail rocket facilities, which do not require additional costs,” Sedrakyan said.

He also noted that in Armenia there are big problems with water resources management. That  is why introduction  of drip irrigation is very important.

“Without drip irrigation we will continue to have large water losses. There are places where this figure reaches 80%. In addition, the water resources in Armenia are full of garbage, and because of this, the canals  need to be  constantly cleaned,” Sedrakyan said.

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