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Australia - Queensland fruit fly outbreak declared in Renmark West

Following the discovery of Queensland fruit fly larvae in backyard fruit trees, an official QFF outbreak has been declared in Renmark West. A 15-kilometer suspension area has been established around the detection point.

Quarantine restrictions apply either partially or entirely in the following areas – Berri, Calperum Station, Chaffey, Cooltong, Crescent, Gurra, Gurra, Lyrup, Monash, Mundic Creek, Murtho, Old Calperum, Paringa, Pike River, Renmark, Renmark North, Renmark South, Renmark West, Wonuarra and Yamba. In addition, a 1.5-kilometer outbreak area has been set up covering parts of Renmark West, Renmark South, Renmark, and Crescent.

This outbreak has no impact on the fruit fly free status for the rest of the Riverland Pest Free Area or the State.

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