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Bolivia - Losses of up to 90% in banana production due to extreme winds

The strong winds recorded on Tuesday, September 10, in the Estaño Palmito region of the municipality of Chimore, in the Bolivian department of Cochabamba, damaged 200 hectares of banana production from 40 producers.

According to the deputy mayor of the 10th district of Chimore, Gilberto Calani, the winds brought down the trees causing losses of up to 90% of the production. Calani estimated that the crops will take six to eight months to recover.

This producing area sends 3,000 boxes of export bananas and another smaller amount of banana bunches each week to supply the local market, so according to estimates producers will lose some US $300,000 in the six months in which they will be unable to harvest fruits.

Calani also indicated that there was a large investment lost because this is a time when banana exports increase to $4 per box, while in the rainy season it’s price stands at $2. The bananas from this area are mainly sent to Argentina.

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