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Brazil: Agricultural market insurance development - World Bank Policy Note

The objective of the policy note is to identify the opportunities in the improvement of the agricultural insurance system through policy and program reform. In particular, the note focuses on: (i) the strengthening of the existing legal and regulatory framework, (ii) the institutional and operational framework, and (iii) the improvement of existing government funded programs. The Policy Note tries to address the following questions:

• Is there enough data and information to assess the costs and benefits of income public sector programs that provide income compensation (such as Garantia Safra)?

• Is there room for the development of an integrated PPP system for agricultural insurance in Brazil?

• What changes to the current legal and regulatory framework, institutional and operational framework must be introduced?

• Is there scope to improve the cost-effectiveness of government programs, in particular the ones offered by the Government (i.e. Guarantee Program for Agricultural Activities – PROAGRO, Garantia Safra), through the introduction of risk transfer instruments?


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