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Bulgaria - 30 million Euro subsidies for expansion of small farms

Small farms will be able to expand with a new kind of European agricultural subsidy. Farmers working with animals, fruits, vegetables etc. will receive grants of up to 15 thousand Euro to allow the size of the holding to grow by at least 20%. The period for the submission of applications will last from 4 July to 12 August.

The total budget allocated for the programme amounts to 30 million Euro, which will go to at least 2,000 farms. A key condition is that the farm should already exist and have plans to grow, as specified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF).

According to the approved special regulation measure 6.3 “Launch of aid for the development of small farms’, applicants can be individuals registered as farmers, including sole traders (ET), a sole limited liability company (Ltd), limited liability companies (LLC) with up to 50 employees, or cooperatives registered under the Cooperatives Act.

Each approved applicant may receive a maximum to the equivalent of € 15,000 for five years.

The payment of aid is to be carried out in two stages: the first amount (€ 10,000) will be obtained after signing a contract for the provision of financial assistance, and the second (€ 5,000) will be paid out after inspection by the Paying Agency, which will assess whether the business plan is executed correctly.

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