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China - "Hometown of mangoes" sees 20% lower production

The mango season has started in China, with early varieties ripe and ready and late varieties flooding on to the market. In Baise city, Guangxi province, known as the “Hometown of Mangoes in China”, Guiqi, its most famous variety has also begun to ripen, but local growers reported that due to the excessive rain and low temperatures during the flowering season this year, many trees failed to flower and bear fruit effectively. It is expected that the city’s mango production will reduce by 20% compared to previous years. At the same time, lower production did not result in higher fruit prices; instead, the wholesale price has been much lower than in previous years.

As one of the main producing areas of mangoes in China, Baise has a planted area of 1.3249 million mu, of which Taimang No.1 and Guiqi mango command the largest shares, respectively 600,000 mu and 220,000 mu. Every summer, large volumes of freshly ripened mangoes are marketed from here to across China.

The wholesale price last year was about 2 to 3 yuan per half a kilo, while many buyers offer just over one yuan this year. In addition to being marketed fresh, a part of the crop is marketed as raw materials to beverage factories, but this year’s transportation capacity is limited and truck drivers are more difficult to find. The lower prices are not limited to the common variety of Taimang No.1—the price of Guigui, the local specialty has also dropped from 6 yuan per half a kilo to the current 3 to 4 yuan. Some growers are storing a part of their crop and hope to sell it at the end of the summer when the price may be higher.

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