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China - Severe drought led to significant orah fruit drop

“The new season’s crop of orah mandarins will be available around February next year. Not long ago, the production area of Guangxi experienced extreme drought, which led to significant fruit drop issues. So far, 60-70% of the sprouts have fallen off the tree, so it seems that production this season as a whole may fall by 30-40%,” Ling, manager of Guangxi Jingxi Zhuangjin Agriculture Co., Ltd. said.

The sales period of last season’s crop has ended about a month ago. Regarding the sales at the end of the season, Zhang said, “although the fruit from our center didn’t experience slow sales, the price was not very promising, about 10% lower than the previous season. The decline in prices was mainly due to the fact that under the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, sales in the earlier part of the season were slow, and supply exceeded demand. However, lower prices also stimulated consumption to some extent, leading to faster sales than in previous years at the end of the season. There have also been unscrupulous merchants who marketed other late varieties as orah mandarins.”

“The geographical conditions of Guangxi are highly favorable for the cultivation of orah mandarins. The large temperature differences between day and night are conducive to the development of sugar content. Orah oranges have the sugar content of about 15%,” Zhang remarks about the characteristics of orah mandarins from Guangxi.

“In addition, volumes from Guangxi become available about two weeks earlier than those from Sichuan. In the winter when there are not many fruit varieties available, the market demand for orah mandarins is very large at the beginning of the season, and sales are usually very fast.”

Guangxi Jingxi Zhuangjin Agriculture Co., Ltd. has a growing center of 500 mu, and the production this season is expected to be about 500,000 kilos. “As our production is yet limited, we currently only market our products in neighboring provinces and cities.”

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