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China - The biggest smart greenhouse has been built in Daqing

The Daqing Hongfu modern technology industry project covers an area of more than 10000 mu, with a total investment of 15 billion RMB. The aim of the project is to build up a large-scale integrated park which features modern technological agricultural industries and combines other leisure, cultural, scientific, business and healthcare industries.
The first stage of the modern smart greenhouse, which covers an area of 125 thousand square meters, has attracted an investment of 50 million RMB. All the testing of equipment has been completed and now it has started operation and become the biggest smart greenhouse in China. On May 11th, 30 thousand tomato seedlings were planted and are now growing quickly. It’s expected that in mid-end July that the pure and standardized tomatoes will be sold to various countries in China, Hongkong and Russia.

Workers are carefully looking after the seedlings


Workers are checking the growth situation of seedings in the greenhouse

Daqing Hongfu modern agricultural industrial park

The core agricultural industry covers 5000 mu. The construction of a 270-hectare modern smart greenhouse is under planning. The first stage of the project will cover an area of 1000 mu. It’s planned that 1.7 billion RMB will be invested in the construction of the 45-hectare modern smart greenhouse. In the research field of environmental control, the company is cooperating with the top-ranking Wageningen University. Later this year, the company will invest 1.2 billion on speeding up the construction of the smart greenhouse in Daqing.

Workers are checking the growth situation of seedings in the greenhouse


Workers are operating in the greenhouse

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