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FAO Survey – 2020 Review of the Current State of World Aquaculture and Capture Fisheries Insurance

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) published world reviews on aquaculture insurance in 2006 and on capture fisheries insurance in 2009. Through these publications, FAO provided an overview of the scope and size of the primary insurance and reinsurance markets for fisheries and aquaculture, the challenges these markets faced and recommendations to policy makers about the important role of insurance services in the sustainable development of these sectors.

In view of the rapid development in the fisheries and aquaculture insurance market over the last decade, FAO is currently undertaking an update of the global review of the state of insurance for capture fisheries and aquaculture. The objectives of this review are to:

1) provide an overview of the state of insurance for capture fisheries and aquaculture worldwide,
2) increase awareness among the insurance industry of the business opportunities in these sectors, and
3) guide decision makers in the formulation of appropriate policy, legal and regulatory frameworks for fisheries and aquaculture insurance promotion and implementation.

As part of the global review, FAO is conducting an online survey to collect information on the range of insurance products and services for fisheries and aquaculture offered worldwide, as well as the opportunities and challenges faced by the insurance industry supporting these sectors. The results will complement the global review study.

FAO kindly requests your valuable assistance in the global review study through completing the online survey.

You can access to the online survey through the following links:

1. Capture Fisheries Insurance Survey – Direct Insures and Re Insurers of Capture Fisheries

2. Aquaculture Insurance Survey – Direct Insures and Re Insurers of Aquaculture

3. Capture Fisheries and Aquaculture Insurance Survey – Brokers, Surveyors and Loss adjusters

Please click the appropriate link according to the sector you provide your services to and your role. If your company provides direct insurance or re-insurance services to fisheries and aquaculture, then we would greatly appreciate your completion of surveys 1 and 2.


The online survey will take no more than 30 minutes to complete. The deadline for completing the survey is July 10, 2020.

All information provided will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be made available in any format that could identify your information with your company.

Every survey respondent will receive a hardcopy of the FAO 2020 Review of the Current State of World Aquaculture and Capture Fisheries Insurance.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this survey and your continuous commitment to the development of insurance services for the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. FAO places a high importance and priority on this survey and the global review.

For more information on the survey and any related questions or comments, please contact Fabiola Espinoza at:

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