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Forestry Insurance Webinar – Book your seat in advance for web session on October 28, 2020

Join us on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at 09:00 am (CET) for a webinar dedicated to forestry insurance. Advance booking of webinar seats is available at the web link – Forestry Insurance Webinar Registration.

Ian Shynkarenko  (CEO, Agroinsurance International) will moderate the event with participating speakers:
– Roman Shynkarenko (Technical Director, Agroinsurance International)
– Peter Welten (Senior Agriculture Underwriter, Swiss Re)
– Victor Yermak (CEO, Skyglyph)
– Erik Zillmann (Technical Sales Engineer, Planet).

During the webinar experts will discuss the following technical aspects of forestry insurance:

  • insurance product design;
  • underwriting and portfolio management;
  • loss assessment;
  • application of satellite data for forestry insurance and monitoring forestry assets;
  • reinsurer’s view on global forestry insurance market.

Webinar speakers will also provide examples of modern technologies applied for monitoring forestry plantations with corresponding cases for Ukraine, Indonesia and Australia.

Speakers will answer questions from the audience live, covering the wider range of technical issues related to forestry insurance.

Webinar is conducted free of charge. Online accommodation may be limited, so we advise securing your seat in advance (follow this link).

Webinar Agenda:

  1. Introduction – Yan Shynkarenko (CEO, Agroinsurance International) (5 minutes)
  2. Technical Aspects of Forestry Insurance: Product Design, Underwriting and Loss Assessment – Roman Shynkarenko (Technical Director, Agroinsurance International) (15 minutes)
  3. Reinsurance View on Global Forestry Insurance Market – Peter Welten (Senior Agriculture Underwriter, Swiss Re) (15 minutes)
  4. Use of Modern Technologies for Monitoring Forestry Plantations: Cases for Ukraine, Indonesia and Australia – Victor Yermak (CEO, Skyglyph) (15 minutes)
  5. Satellite Data for Forestry Insurance and Monitoring Forestry Assets – Erik Zillmann (Technical Sales Engineer, Planet) (10 minutes)
  6. Questions & Answers (30 minutes)

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