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France - Onion quantities reduced by 25% to 30% due to rain

Origine Cévennes is a group of producers specialised in the cultivation of sweet onions of the Cévennes. The producers are in the middle of the harvest. Carl Grandidier: “Despite the good quality of the onions, it will be a difficult season. Rain reduced production by 25% to 30%.”
The sweet onion of the Cévennes. Carl: “It’s a sweet and juicy product that can be eaten raw as well as cooked”
“In the month of May, farmers transplant the onions and sow the seeds. In order to do this work, you need dry weather, but we only had rain. The area to be sown was severely reduced.”
In order to compensate for the loss, there’s a small tariff increase. Carl: “This will alleviate the situation a bit, but this increase will not make up for the loss. This is the rule in agriculture. We hope we’ll be lucky next year.”
The cooperative is presented as the cooperative of small producers. “Our onions are grown on 45 hectares by 100 producers. Production methods are still traditional, as most growers grow onions on terraces.”
“You have to be passionate in order to grow onions. You have to love the job, and be ready to live in a region a little excluded from all the amenities you normally have near the big cities. But the location is worth it: the terraces and small narrow valleys make the Cévennes a very beautiful region.”
Organic apples
There are also producers who have other activities beside the onions, such as growing chestnuts and apples. “We’re converting all our orchards to organic ones right now, because organic apples are easier to sell. We also do it in respect of the environment and nature.”
The cooperative also produces some processed products, such as caramelised sweet onions, apple juice, sweet onion soup and compote. “Locally, these products work very well.”
The customers of the cooperative are the GMS (50%), the wholesalers (40%) and, for 10%, the export, especially Italy, England, Switzerland, Spain, and Germany. “But because our amounts are small and the product is fragile, we cannot export the onions too far.”
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