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Germany - Potato harvest at historically low level

The German association of fruit, vegetable and potato processing industry (BOGK) confirmed their press release statement from July this year, now the German potato harvest is completed and it has become clear that the expected low yield due to the drought this summer has become a reality.

With only 8.7 million tons of potatoes, this yield reached a historical all-time low level. Farming and potato processing industry experts have currently established a reduction of 25 – 30 % for processing potatoes.

There is also a possibility of further reduction of processing potatoes due to quality issues such as glassy structure or germination during storage.

As a result of this year’s drought it is also be expected that the crop in 2020 will be affected in a negative way because the seed potatoes, especially the seed potatoes for the early crop potatoes, will not be sufficiently available.

At the same time the demand for processed products is very high. A significant price increase in comparison to average harvests is already expected. A continuous, good quality potato supply until next season’s crop is not secure.

The German Association of the Fruit, Vegetable and Potato Processing Industry represents the sixth largest economic sector of the German food industry. To ensure safe production and healthy products, approximately 20.000 people work in almost 120 companies.

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