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Ghana - Rice farmers appeal for help to boost production

Rice farmers in Abrotre Yie in the Mpoho District of the Western Region have appealed to the government to subsidise the cost of planting materials to enable them to produce more for local consumption.

They explained that many rice farmers were unable to afford the cost of certified seeds, farming tools and pesticides to kill pests that damage crops, and as such used unapproved and low yielding seeds for planting.

That, they said, usually resulted in low quality yields which the market often rejected.

According to the farmers if they received the government’s assistance in the form of subsidies they would be able to step up production of their quality natural rice known as ‘Western Deedew’ and contribute to a reduction in rice importation.

“Our rice is one of the best natural rice produce ever within the region and beyond and yet we don’t get farming tools such as mail machine, tramater etc we need to make the natural rice farming production increase so that we can also make money for our livelihood”. They stated.

“We are torn between two district Mpoho and shama and they all depends on us for rice so if we get the needed support from the government, it will helps grow more quality rice for local consumption to reduce rice importation as a means of promoting the ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ agenda” one farmer added.

The Executive Director of Western Deedew Rice, Mr Kwabena Amofa told that, the planting of rice nursing and fertilizing of the rice takes a period of 4 months for it absorb the all the nutrients needed from the soil to grow and be able to harvest it.

We have 750 acres of land currently for the rice production and we are able to cultivate 400 acres of rice from the land every month.” This tells how well we can do if we get all the necessary support from the government, he added.

Our rice is natural, quality and makes its attractive for the market too.

We collaborate with Efia Nkwanta Regional hospital for the purchasing and distribution to various schools and the market as well.

Now following the campaign promises of Nana Akuffo Addo said that, the planting of food and agriculture is one his greatest agenda he will do to ensure that farmers in the country would get all the necessary support under his government which includes farming tools and equipment and right farm medicines to improve crops production in the country and also curb unemployment in the system.

The pledge is the use of rudimentary tools, which were hampering growth, to the use of appropriate machinery.

Therefore government is commitment to ensure that farmers used the right tools was because rudimentary tools made farming a drudgery and unattractive for the youth.

The agricultural mechanization contributed effectively to efficiency and productivity of all other inputs such as seeds, water, labour and time.

“We have the entire necessary green plantation and our land is rich in good nutrients that can help progress in agriculture so that foreigners will come and buy from us”

“Our production in rice farming in the olden days was very poor because we use man power in everything that’s and it’s comes lots of stress that’s why extending our plea to the government to provide as with modern tools to work.” he pleaded.

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