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Hungary - Poor results for melon growers this season

Hungarian melon growers will not close a successful campaign this year, as only half of the expected quantity has been produced, and this drop has only been partially offset by the higher-than-usual prices.

The low yields are mainly due to cooler, wetter weather during the season and less sunshine than usual in summer. The early varieties arrived with a two week delay that continued throughout the season, reports Zoltán Gubacsi, vice president of the Hungarian Fruit and Vegetable Interprofessional Organization and Product Council (FruitVeB).

The loss of yield was somewhat offset by the higher prices, but it cannot be said that melon growers have closed a good campaign. This year’s average purchase price, which has stood at around HUF 60-70 per kilo (0.17 to 0.20 Euro), has been adequate, but due to the nature of the yields, some producers have had a particularly poor melon season.

This year, the acreage devoted to ​​melons has amounted to about four thousand hectares, which is approximately 10 percent less than last year.

At the same time, the average purchase prices of exports have been considered satisfactory. This season, in addition to Germany, the Czech Republic and other neighboring countries have been the main markets.

Melons haven’t been the only agricultural product affected by the weather, as the dry winter and spring and the April-May frosts have destroyed 50 to 80 percent of most crops. And the upcoming autumn apple harvest is also likely to be particularly bad.

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