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India - 1.75 lakh acres of cotton damaged by whitefly in Jind

After a delay of some months, the administration has prepared a detailed report on the damage caused by whitefly and hailstorm to the cotton crop in the district.

The reports lists that the crop was damaged due to whitefly in 1.75 lakh acres while hailstorm damaged around 2,500 acres and the damage was between 51-75 per cent.

Following directions from the CM, special teams had been formed comprising agriculture development officials, patwaris and gram secretaries. “In total, 70 per cent cotton crop was damaged by whitefly and hailstorm. We have sent the report to Divisional Commissioner for further action,” said DRO Mahinder Singh.

In Jind block, cotton in 1,690 acres was damaged by whitefly to the extent of 33- 50 per cent, 14,761 acres between 51-75 per cent, 7,287 acres between 76-100 per cent. Similarly, in Uchana block cotton in 532 acres suffered damage between 51-75 per cent, 61,000 acres between 76-100 per cent, in Narwana block 1,292 acres suffered damage between 33-50 per cent, 8,184 acres between 51-75 per cent, 39,245 acres between 76-100 per cent, in Aleva block crop on 83 acres was damaged between 51-75 per cent and on 18,900 acres between 76-100 per cent.

The figures for Julana block show that crop on 3, 942 acres have suffered damage between 25-32 per cent, 4, 812 acres between 33 to 50 per cent whle 13,225 were damaged between 51 to 75 per cent.

Similarly, in Safidon block 10 acres were damaged between 33 to 50 per cent and 16 acres between 51 to 75 per cent.

As many as 1.26 lakh acres of cotton have suffered losses between 76 to 100 per cent, 36,700 between 51-75 per cent, 7,800 acres between 33 to 50 per cent while 3, 000 acres have suffered losses between 25-32 per cent.

“We are hopeful that the compensation would be released in the coming days and we disburse it to the affected farmers immediately,” the DRO said.

Cotton farmers feel dejected due to low yield, falling prices, delay in compensation Sirsa: Cotton farmers in the state are dejected due to low yield and falling prices of the crop this year and are also worried over the inordinate delay by the government in giving announcing compensation for the losses due to the whitefly attack.  Farmers’ organisations have demanded Rs 25,000 per acre as relief for those whose cotton, guar, bajra and other crops have been damaged due to whitefly. State Congress president Ashok Tanwar has also castigated the BJP government of running away from giving compensation due to political reasons. “Last year, my cotton yield was 10 – 11 quintals per acres. However, it is down to only 4 – 5 quintals this year. With the prices falling to Rs 4,200 per quintal, cotton has proved to be a losing proposition this year,” said Gurdial Mehta, a farmer from Panjuana village. Gurpreet Singh Nagpal, partner of ginning unit Royal Cotgin and general secretary of Sirsa Cotton Ginners Association, said the prices of cotton have fallen from Rs 4,650 to Rs 4,200 per quintal in the past some days.  Prahlad Singh Bharukhera, state president of Haryana Kisan Manch, demanded that the government should immediately release a relief of Rs 25,000 per acre as the special girdawari had already been completed. “Farmers have already invested Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 on inputs and some of them have even taken land by paying Rs 25,000 per acre as lease amount,” he alleged. Haryana Kisan Union has also demanded immediate payment of compensation. Meanwhile, Tanwar has accused the government of delaying giving relief of Rs 5, 000 crore due to political bias against certain areas.  Since these crops are primarily grown in the semi- arid lands in Sirsa, Fatehabad, Hisar, Bhiwani and Jind districts, the entire loss is concentrated in these districts. “In Sirsa alone, which is the biggest producer of cotton and guar in the state, farmers have suffered 50 to 100 per cent losses on over 6 lakh acres making the loss to over Rs 1,500 crore,” he alleged.

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