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India - Fearing damage, farmers harvest wheat early

Farmers in Jammu are harvesting their wheat crop early as the weathermen have predicted a fresh spell of rains in the region due to western disturbances.

While the seasonal crop in Jammu is in full bloom, farmers generally wait for an appropriate time for harvesting as sunshine gives full ripening colour and nutrients to the seed. But this season, farmers are not waiting as they fear abrupt change of weather anytime which can take a toll on their hard work.

“In the last week of April, the summer season is yet to be in full swing. Besides, the abrupt and unpredictable change in weather can anytime bring ruin. So we are harvesting the crop as it is,” said Beli Ram, a farmer from Marh constituency.

“Rains at this point of time are likely to ruin the crop which is standing tall in fields. So early harvesting is better than losing it altogether,” said another farmer at Gajansoo. While the Meteorological Department has predicted rain on April 24 and 25, the advisory released by Gramin Krishi Mausam Seva for wheat which is at physiological maturity includes shifting of the threshed crop to safer places. The advisory called for harvest as early as possible.

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