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India - Government to give 75% on the death of your animal

In the times of rising inflation, animal husbandry has also become a challenge but the government is fully supporting the farmers to increase their income through animal husbandry. Now the good news is animals will also have life insurance & the insurance company will give compensation to the insured animals on any kind of animal loss.

The special thing is that an animal will be insured for three years, the government will give 75% of the premium amount as a grant to the insurance company. The cattle owner will get the benefit of insurance by depositing only 25% contribution in the premium of the insured animal. However, till now, if cattle cows, buffaloes, bulls or other small animals died of divine calamity or disease, there was no other way than to press them with satisfaction.

Even though the animals killed by the divine disaster would get compensation of Rs 3000-5000, but there was no benefit in stealing or dying sick. Since, in times of inflation, cow gets 40 thousand and buffalo fifty thousand. For this reason, the government has kept the same amount of insurance. Now in case of any loss in getting the above insurance, the claim will be given to the animal husbandry.

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