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India - Hail damages mustard, wheat crops

Heavy hailstorm in the district damaged mustard and wheat crops while lowering temperature dramatically this evening. Significantly, the hailstorm affected high reaches of the district in villages including, Uhal, Kakar, Khanouli, Kakriyar areas of old Bamsan constituency.

The amount of the hail was so heavy that a layer of four to five centimetres of snow was formed on roads. Though children enjoyed the snow cover farmers were palpably unhappy as they were apprehending loss to the crops. The mustered crop was badly affected as it was at flowering stage.

Roads turned slippery causing traffic problems at certain places.

Kuldeep Verma, Dy Director, Agriculture, said that there were reports of hail in some parts of the district also. He said the loss could be accessed only after a visit to the affected areas.

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