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India - Heavy loss to potato crop incurred in West Bengal

Recent figures disclosed by authorities in West Bengal have a disturbing news pertaining to the farmers. According to a recent survey in Midnapore district, a total loss of 968,45,00000 INR (about 968 crores) has occurred this Winter season due to loss of potato crop. This accounts to 2/3rd or 60-70% of the total potato production.

A surprising fact is that all this damage has been induced during the heavy downpour of February 26 to 28 alone. No such incident has ever been reported in the last 10 years.

According to experts, this fact has nothing to be taken with a pinch of salt, “Potato damages pick up immediately if kept under water within just 24 hours.” Reportedly the rain was so heavy that water had clogged and accumulated over the fields.

Not just Midnapore, other districts too have faced the same type of damage including most parts of Howrah, Hugli and North and South Pargana, Musheerabad, Nadiya and Bardhaman to name a few. All these areas are the major potato producing regions in the country.

And not just potato, other crops like onion and other vegetables have also been lost.

If anything, this loss is a big one not just for the local farmers but also the country.

West Bengal and adjoining areas are once again gearing up for yet another spell of activity on March 14 and 15. At most places this will be associated with strong winds and lightening. As prevention is better than cure, it’s better to stay alert and informed.

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