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India - Intense rain and hailstorm may lead to heavy crop damage in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, UP

Northwest India is all set to experience an another episode of heavy rain and hailstorm activities. In fact, some activities have already been seen over many parts of Northwest India including Punjab, Haryana, Delhi NCR. While it may bring cheers for the common man but these rains might bring a big jolt for the farmers.

Framers across Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and adjoining Madhya Pradesh are already grieving for the widespread crop loss during last few days.

Weathermen are predicting this spell as the most prolonged and heaviest one for Northwest India in the season so far, one cannot ignore the heavy crop damage which would be caused due to hailstorm activities. The major crops such as Wheat, Barley, Rice, Jowar, Bajra and maize will be the victim of these activities.

These rains can be attributed to the back to back Western Disturbances moving in a quick succession. One out of these Western Disturbances has now started moving away and soon the other Western Disturbance will arrive over Jammu and Kashmir. This system would also induce a Cyclonic Circulation over Punjab and Haryana. Thus, due to the movement of the former system, we expect rain activities to remain on the lower side today. However, with the latter system present in the close proximity, we do not foresee any long break and soon rains will pick up a pace.

These activities would be peaking on February 20 and 21. The two days will see severe thunderstorm, heavy rains and intense hailstorm activities over the foothills of Punjab such as Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur, Gurdaspur, Chandigarh and thereby spreading onto parts of North Haryana. The rain belt will also cover parts of Rajasthan and Delhi-NCR.

By February 22, this system will start moving in east directions. Due to this movement, rains will start vacating the region, but the remnants of the system might continue light rains in foothills of Punjab and Haryana for some more time.

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