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India - Less supply from states owing to crop damage caused by rains

The prices of commonly consumed vegetables have shot up in the national capital as supply from major producing states have been reduced owing to crop losses caused by rains, according to traders.

In the open market, retail prices of green vegetables like okra (bhindi), cabbage, green chilly, pointed gourds (parwal) among others were selling at Rs 60 per Kg and above.

Potatoes are also being sold at Rs 70- 80 per Kg while tomato Rs 60-80 and onion Rs 40-50.

Chairman of Azadpur Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee Adil Khan said the rise in prices of vegetables was a cyclical phenomenon every year because supply was affected as crops were damaged by rains.

“The prices of vegetables have increased by 10-15 per cent now. But, as compared to last year the price increase is less this year. The prices will come down by next month when fresh crops arrive in the market,” he said.

In Azadpur Mandi, the wholesale rate of onion on Friday was Rs 15.50 per Kg. On the same day last year, the rate was Rs 32.50.

Onion was sold at Rs 10.25 per kg in the market in August this year, he said.

The price of tomato was Rs 36.50 per Kg, cabbage, Rs 16 per Kg, okra Rs 18.50 per Kg, he said.

“Due to less availability of green vegetables in the market, not only their prices increase but also push up rates of vegetables like potato, onion and other non-green ones because of more consumption,” he said.

At Shahdara Mandi, the rates of onion, potato and tomato were Rs 27, Rs 24 and Rs 46 per Kg on Friday.

The vegetable vendors said due to increase in vegetable prices, their income was also getting affected.

“People are buying vegetables in lesser quantity because of the rise in prices. The customers also complain about poor quality of vegetables. My daily earning that used to be around Rs 1,200-1,500 has gone below Rs 1,000 now,” said a vegetable vendor Anil Kumar.

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