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India - Titli affected farmers yet to paid crop insurance

Coconut farmers affected by Titli cyclone are yet to pay amount under crop insurance scheme by its companies so far. Coconut farmers in Uddanam area paid crop insurance premium for one tree as Rs 10 for three years term in 2016 and it is in force till March 2019. With the motivation of horticulture officials farmers paid the amount to national insurance company under national crop insurance scheme (NCIC) which is applicable for horticulture crops. The NCIC is applied for both natural calamities and pesticide attack on crops. There are two categories under the NCIC one is for payment of premium for trees aged from 4 to 15 years and other is for trees aged from 16 to 60 years.

Due to titli cyclone coconut trees damaged in seven Udddanam mandalas and insurance amount need to pay for total loss of tree, damage of tree and loss of yield also. As per guidelines for each tree loss insurance company need to pay Rs 1750. After payment of premium in 2016 no bonds issued to farmers and accounts also not opened in the name of farmers in banks. Now the insurance company and horticulture officials are trying to shift burden on each other to avoid liability.

‘We have yet to receive any compensation amount from insurance companies so far for loss of our crop’ coconut farmers of Sompeta mandal, Ramachandra Panigrahi, Dunna Gurumurthyand others explained.

‘We have paid Rs 5.50 crore under crop insurance for loss but we have not received premium for coconut’ National insurance company officials, Sivaji and Malathi explained.

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