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Italy - Wind turbines against frost

Just as forecast, frost hit central and northern Italy from Romagna to Piedmont and from Lombardy to Veneto. Temperatures dropped to zero degrees in many areas.

A producer from Faenza, Daniele Peroni, reports his positive experience after using a wind turbine. “It covers 2.5 hectares. We monitored the temperature and, when it reached 0°C, we activated the turbine.”

They are very popular in the Ravenna area. As explained by expert William Pratizzoli, they mix air so that the colder layers at the bottom are combined with warmer air.

The temperature in the area near Peroni’s kiwi growing companies, dropped below zero, while the area covered by the turbine remained above 1-2°C. The turbine was active between 3 and 6 am, then the temperature increased naturally.

“We installed it 30 years ago but we don’t need to use it against frost every year. We also use it to favour kiwi pollination. Our model is rather dated and works with a 120 cv diesel motor.”

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