Italy - Worst locust invasion in Sardinia for more than 60 years

14.06.2019 211 views
Millions of locusts have invaded the Italian island of Sardinia, with the province of Nuoro the worst hit. This invasion was the worst infestation in nearly 60 years and was devastating to both livestock and crop farmers. The swarms have destroyed crops and an estimated 2 500 ha of grazing land, while houses in the region have also been infested. The Italian agricultural organisation Coldiretti has called on the Italian government for assistance. “We are walking on locust carpets,” the organisation said in a statement. Spokesperson for Coldiretti, Michele Arbau, expressed concern that this year’s crop could not be saved, but said preventative measures needed to be put in place to ensure the security of next year’s crop. “We had droughts in 2017 and a lot of rain in 2018, the ideal climate for locusts to emerge from fallow land and then move to cultivated fields to feed,” she said. “There is nothing we can do about it this year.” Locusts usually appeared on this Mediterranean island in the summer months between June and August. Traditionally, the cultivation of land for crops had discouraged the insects from laying their eggs in autumn and thus prevented maturation in summer, Arbau said. Locust expert at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, ‎Alexandre Latchininsky, who is based in Rome, said the organisation was yet to identify the reason behind the increase in locust numbers this year. Latchininsky added that once the insects had devoured all the fodder on the island, they could move on to feeding off other crops, such as grapevines. Farmers had yet to see the full impact of the infestation, but had already been forced to bring in hay supplies from other regions in Italy. These additional supplies were increasing the cost of production for farmers, and in addition to the loss of crops, this would have a devastating impact on the region, Arbau said. Source -

South Africa - Yet more rain could spell quickened end to grapes

In the Hex River Valley grape growers are warily watching threatening skies, again, as yet more rain is predicted for the Western Cape. “If it rains now it’ll cause big problems and the season will pretty much be at its end,” says an exporter.


India - Rain, hailstorm damage rabi crops on 1.74L acres in Hisar

The Agriculture Department report about crop loss indicated that rabi crops on 1.74 lakh acres has suffered losses in Hisar district due to the recent rains and gusty winds, while another 1,190 acres of rabi crop suffered damage due to hailstorms.


UK - Potato plantings have been halted because of weather conditions

Irish domestic consumption remains buoyant with the current weather. However, these conditions have put a halt to all field work and plantings. Exports continue to Portugal and Holland, with good appetite for more as stocks remain tight on the continent.  


USA - Weather disasters cause huge crop losses

The American Farm Bureau Federation’s Market Intel team has created a multi-part series highlighting agricultural losses incurred due to weather disasters and the associated disaster-assistance programs meant to help mitigate their impacts.


Spain - The SENSOPLAG project aims to develop digital tools to predict and detect pests that threaten citrus crops

The Generalitat, through the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI), finances the development of new digital tools for the early detection and prediction of the main pests that threaten citrus crops in the Valencian Community.


USA - Salinas Valley crop damage tops $500 million

Preliminarily, Monterey County officials and agricultural experts have indicated that crop losses from the torrential rains that have hit the Salinas Valley this year could easily top $500 million. 


India - Another spell of hailstorm, crop damage likely over Punjab, Haryana

Punjab and Haryana is likely to be lashed by another spell of rain and thundershowers today and tomorrow. Hailstorm and strong winds may accompany the lightening and thunderstorm, adding fuel to the fire, to cause damage to the Rabi crops.


India - Farmers badly hit due to crops loss by in seasonal rains

Unseasonal rains and hailstorm in parts of Telangana have damaged standing crops in more than 1.50 lakh acres, according to initial estimates by the state government. The unexpected rains and hail storms due to the trough over the state caused huge losses to farmers, who were hoping to reap the Rabi harvest in a few days.