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Mexico - Drought and high temperatures threaten mango production in Nayarit

The high temperatures and drought in the Mexican state of Nayarit have affected mango production, which producers in the north of the state consider is critical. Climate change, which is sweeping the planet, has generated a negative impact on the cultivation of this fruit, making it more difficult for producers to achieve a harvest year after year, as they have to face different weather phenomena during the season.

Currently, the country is facing the effects of the El Niño phenomenon, which causes severe droughts, and has caused the loss of 50% of the product in the first stage. In addition, most of the mango that managed to survive could not reach an optimum weight and size due to lack of water.

The heat wave, with temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius, has caused the fall of the fruits and tree leaves which are drying them. The only thing that can stop this disaster is the rain, which hasn’t been forecast by meteorological services.

According to mango producers, the product’s price is good, as it exceeds eight pesos in some varieties; an increase caused by the lack of production.

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