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Mexico - Hurricane Lorena sweeps across 3,600 hectares of bananas

Banana growers in the Mexican state of Colima face a serious situation due to the damage left by Hurricane Lorena.

The hurricane destroyed 3,600 hectares of bananas affecting more than 160 producers in Manzanillo and Cihuatlan, said the president of the Banana Producers Regional Union, Francisco Hueso Alcaraz.

According to preliminary reports, all of the production was lost in the ejido El Colomo, Manzanillo, where there are about 500 hectares dedicated to this crop.

There were also total losses in Marabasco, where there are 1,200 hectares devoted to this crop; and in Cihuatlan, Jalisco, which has 2,000 hectares.

Authorities will visit each production area, interview producers, and review documents and damages to establish an official balance of the damages.

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