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Norway - Difficult summer for vegetable growers

Both in Norway and Northern Europe in general there is too low a supply of cauliflower. The prices are expected to rise over the coming weeks. The prices won’t decrease unless the weather conditions are more favourable over the coming weeks, so that large amount of cauliflower enters the market once again. This was reported by the Norwegian Landbruksdirektoratet in response to a recent analysis of the situation regarding the vegetable cultivation.

It was a difficult summer for the cauliflower and broccoli market. At the start of the summer season there was too large a supply of cauliflower and some growers were unable to sell them. Organic growers in particular had problems, as their sales market is smaller than that of the conventional growers. Later in the summer the demand rose, but the supply was lower, both in Norway and the rest of the north of Europe. The price of the broccoli was low for a long time, but is expected to rise again over the coming week. The quality, however, is rather varied as some broccoli varieties are less resistant to the heat.

Analysis by Landbruksdirektoratet also showed that the oversupply of tomatoes is now a thing of the past. The prices should therefore recover over the coming weeks. The sales of onions and carrots are going well, but cabbage is having problems with the quality. A lot of cabbage was affected by cabbage moth during the summer and the cabbages are smaller than usual.

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