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Pakistan - Weeds cause 42pc decrease in wheat production

The farmers should make proper arrangements for removal of weeds on priority basis as these badly affect the yield and cause reduction in wheat production up to 42 per cent.

A spokesman for agriculture department said weeds not only reduced quantity of crop production but also played a major role for damaging quality of grains.

He said that after a comprehensive survey, agricultural experts observed that the weeds caused up to 42 per cent production loss in wheat crop, 41 per cent loss in cotton crop, 39 per cent loss in rice crop, 35 per cent loss in sugarcane crop, 47 per cent loss in maize crop, 55 per cent in pulses, 45 per cent loss in oil-seed crops and 89 per cent production loss in vegetable crops.

Therefore, farmers should take immediate steps to remove weeds from the crops for getting maximum production, he advised.

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