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Peru - Organic banana production drops in Piura due to the cold

The production of organic bananas has decreased due to the cold, and this drop has become bigger in recent months as the temperature decreased by up to 16 degrees Celsius in the coastal area, said the president of the Technical Board of Organic Banana, Marcia Herrera Reto.

“The production began to decrease since the month of July when the cold season began, and the harvest period of a bunch went from 11 to 13 weeks,” she added.

She also estimated that production would recover in November, but said that this depended on the normalization of environmental conditions.

Appbosa, the organization of the Chira valley that exports the most bananas in Piura, has reduced its shipments from 24 to 17 containers per week, she added.

According to the Banana Technical Table, the FOB price of an 18.14-kilogram box of bananas in 2017 stood at US $ 12.90. This same box is currently being traded at US $ 12.40.

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