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Peru - Rainfall to determine the harvest

Given the forecasts of heavy rains for March, the banana producers, mainly based in the Chira valley, fear for their production, so they are asking the authorities to protect the sustainability of the economic activities.

The vice president of the Banana Technical Board, Marcia Herrera, pointed out that the sector is now leaving behind the problems caused by the transporters’ strike, but now it will have to face the consequences of the rains.

“The problem with the rains is that the harvest process is delayed, given the difficulties for the laborers to enter the fields, and the fact that the roads become impenetrable. This prevents the entry of vehicles carrying the equipment and tools for the harvest,” said the leader.

The producers who have their plots located near the banks of the rivers or streams are also undergoing a lot of uncertainty due to the rising of the Chira River, which could flood the fields and take a toll on the crops.

Faced with this situation, banana producers are asking the authorities for clear policies, openness and constant communication in order to facilitate the enforcement of contingency plans.

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