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Poland - There will be a bit of damage for pears and sweet cherries

After having two nights of heavy frost in a row, Poland can prepare for yet another night of frost in the first week of April. Although damages have not been assessed yet, the effect of the freezing temperatures on some of the products can be predicted.

Although the frost could become an issue, later on, Dominika Kozarzewska , of the Polish Berry Cooperative, feels labor might become an even bigger problem: “The frost hit pretty much everywhere, ranging from -6 degrees Celsius to as low as -10. Some growers report even lower temperatures. We will be able to assess the damage in about two days, but there is bound to be some. The biggest challenge we may be facing is the lack of labor so if the blueberries will contain less (larger) fruit, this may yet prove to be an advantage for the industry. In all honesty, it’s really hard to say right now, during the weekend more will become clear.”

For the haskap berries there is no real issue just yet, but Anna Litwin, of BlueHaskap, confirms temperatures went even lower than expected: “From what I’ve been hearing there will be a bit of damage for the pears and sweet cherries. Three days ago the temperature in the center of Poland was -14 degrees Celsius when measuring close to the ground. Two meter above ground it was -10 to -11 degrees Celsius. For my haskap berries, there is no real issue yet, as blooming has not yet started. However, it is predicted we’ll get another wave of frost between April 4th and 6th. If the haskap starts blooming before then, it could become a problem. Another issue is the lack of pollination by bees if the temperature does not get higher soon.”

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