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Poland - Frost hits apple crop

Frost made an appearance in the Polish apple orchards south of Warsaw last night. Gradsystem, a company selling hailnets to the Polish growers, posted the following photos on social media. Growers don’t expect that last night’s frost will have caused much damage to the fruit, and tonight lower temperatures are expected.

Growers in Poland said that the frost was very regional and in general, the weather is as it should be for the time of year. The most dangerous time for frost is towards the end of October.

One grower commented, “We had temperatures reaching 0 degrees, which doesn’t affect apples. In coming days we expect -2, -3 during the night, which is still also OK for apples.”

He goes on to say that during the day, the temperatures reach +10-15 degrees which is good for the colouration of the fruit.

“This season Poland had a drought during summer which caused smaller fruits in orchards without irrigation and water sources. Many of the modern and middle/large growers have natural water sources such as wells in their orchards and their crop has not been affected. In general, the fruits will be smaller this season due to no water sources at smaller growers,” explained the grower.

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