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Romania - A temperature drop may damage winter crops

Last week, air temperatures in Romania were mostly within long-term normal ranges, exceeding long-term normal values by 1..2°С in the south and northeast. The average daytime temperature varied within -2..+4°С, posing no risk of winterkill to crops.

Precipitation in the form of rain and sleet occurred all over the country, but the highest rates were registered in the north and west (10-25 mm over the week) with at most 5-10 mm in the rest of Romania. Snow cover only remains in highland regions and locally in the north and west of the country.

Soil drought and snow-free conditions persist in the south and southeast, exposing winter crops to the risk of frost kill in case of a further cold spell. Meteorologists expect air temperatures to fall to -16…-12°C this week – this may damage winter crops.

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