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Spain - 14% reduction of theft in fields in 2018

Last year, the number of thefts in Spanish fields was reduced by 14%. In the course of 2018, the government registered 11,749 cases of theft on agricultural and livestock farms. This figure is far from that of 2012, when there were 24,078 such incidents.

Thefts (with or without violence) increased in the past year in farms in the provinces of Vizcaya (44.4%), the Balearic Islands (40%), Avila (18.8%), Navarre (14.3%), A Coruna (10.2%), Castellon (6.3%), Seville (2.5%) and Murcia (0.6%). The growers’ cooperative Unión de Uniones recommended always reporting them, even if only 18.5% of cases are solved.

Repeated theft is often one of the main reasons for not investing in rural areas, for example in solar panels, electricity, irrigation or equipment.

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