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Spain - Antequera's potato harvest will be 25% smaller than in 2018

The Spanish city of Antequera will harvest 25 percent less potato this year. This is mainly due to “the high temperatures recorded in August, which caused some potatoes to ‘cook’ in the ground,” said Juan Antonio Romero, director of Horticultores El Torcal.

This means that the harvested volume will amount to around 3 million kilos; a big difference compared to the previous campaign. However, the cooperative, which has 142 members and is one of the largest potato growers in the Antequera region, is not concerned by it. “Unlike in the north of the region, the rains of last October have not had a negative impact on the crop, which means that there is a good quality harvest.”

Because of this, the price on the market is higher, which compensates for the lower yields. According to the director of the cooperative, the price at origin will stay between “40 and 42 cents.”

The cultivation of this late potato, which is harvested until March, accounts for around 20 percent of what is harvested in the province of Málaga. The potatoes are generally marketed in the east of Andalusia: in Málaga, Granada and parts of Córdoba.

Horticultores El Torcal has another harvest, that of the early potato, in the months of June and July. These potatoes are sold both domestically and internationally.

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