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Spain - Asaja Malaga stands against changes in citrus insurance

Last Wednesday, the Agrarian Association of Young Agricultural Producers (Asaja) of Malaga annouced its opposition to the changes in the citrus insurance, and has asked Enesa for an extension of the line for 2019, since the rate increase for oranges in Malaga has been the highest in Spain, with an increase of 24 percent. Meanwhile, that of mandarins is up by 20 percent and that of lemons by 14 percent.

Asaja stated in a press release that the citrus sector is one of the pillars of irrigated agriculture in Spain, maintaining the leadership when it comes to exports worldwide.

Asaja Malaga has therefore shown its “strongest opposition” to this measure, which is considered arbitrary and unilateral on Agroseguro’s part.

Asaja has also expressed its “complete disagreement” with the changes proposed for the citrus insurance in the 2019 plan. Regarding the extension of guarantees, they have insisted that the bad practices of a few shouldn’t harm the majority of policyholders.

With regard to the increase in tariffs to cover for climatic adversities, like frost and winds, they have also expressed their “total disagreement” with the forms, as the proposed measures have been presented in a way that leave hardly any room for maneuver.

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