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Spain - Climate change is the biggest challenge for citrus sector

Global warming is already taking a toll on some of Castellon’s most important economic sectors, including citrus growing. The changes in the region’s climatic conditions will make it necessary to invest in ways to avoid the loss of productivity of some citrus fruit varieties.

The rising temperatures or the water deficit could cause not only a reduction of the production volume, but also of the fruit’s quality, given the changes in processes like the maturation or the flowering. The characteristics and flavor of varieties such as the Clemenules are the main advantage of citrus exporting firms when selling their fruit in Europe. In this sense, the research group in Ecophysiology and Biotechnology of the UJI said that the development of varieties resistant to these changes will be essential ahead of the future, and this will require public and/or private investments.

The increase in production costs is a cause for concern, given the certainty that Europe’s requirements are considerably stricter than those of third countries, whose productions threaten the market position of Castellon’s companies.

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