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Spain - Despite larger strawberry acreage, there'll be fewer kilos

In the coming weeks, the strawberry volume marketed will gradually grow; however, and in spite of the larger acreage this campaign, there will be fewer kilos than in the previous season,” says Cristóbal Monteagudo, manager of TC Fruits, who believes that the start of the strawberry campaign has been delayed, mainly for two reasons.

“The first is the high mortality of strawberry seedlings, which in most cases has caused delays in the preparation of the farms for the replanting. The second issue is the adverse weather conditions recorded at the end of last year and the start of this month, with heavy rainfall combined with low temperatures; a bad mix for a normal development of the plant,” explains Cristóbal Monteagudo.


“The quality of the strawberries hitting the market is optimal, but to date it hasn’t been possible to meet all the demand. If the current conditions continue, the volume of strawberries will gradually increase in the coming weeks. This campaign, it is estimated that there will be fewer kilos available.”

TC Fruits produces its own strawberries and blueberries in Huelva, where it has more than 100 hectares, and its acreage has been expanding every year. The strawberries are packed in Huelva. Around 45% of them are intended for large retailers and Spanish wholesale markets. The remaining 55% is exported. The formats used are 1 and 2 kg boxes and 250 gram and 500 gram trays.

In addition to producing in Huelva, TC Fruits also has plantations in Galicia and Portugal. The goal is to be able to supply strawberries throughout the twelve months of the year. Its main products are grown on the Atlantic axis, which includes Huelva, Portugal and Galicia, where they mainly cultivate strawberries, stone fruit, citrus fruits, mountain apples and kiwis. The brands marketed by TC Fruits are Curritas, Sol Palos and Raíces.

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