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Spain - Estimated losses due to storms in the Extremadura

The losses caused by the storms and hail that took place in April and the first day of May in the province of Badajoz have been estimated at 22 million euro, though authorities still have to determine the real production of the affected plots after the harvest in specific cases.

According to Agroseguro, the hail in April is estimated to have damaged some 10,000 hectares of crops in Extremadura. The most affected productions have been fruit trees, with 8,000 hectares affected, and losses estimated at 20.5 million euro. The most affected areas belong to the Las Vegas Altas del Guadiana, and the biggest losses took place in areas such as Los Guadalperales.

Jesus Cano, the territorial director of Agroseguro, said that the storms of April 6 and 23 that hit the districts of Don Benito and Logrosan were particularly damaging. The storm of May 1st focused on the surroundings of the municipal districts of Navalvillar de Pela and Acedera.

The appraisal work of these latest claims has already begun. “It is important that the insured parties remit the claims as quickly as possible,” the agrarian insurer Agroseguro stated. “We expect to start paying the quantification of losses throughout June, although in some cases payments could be done earlier,” Jesus Cano said.

Some farmers have said that since they their plots had such a high damage, close to 80-90%, the production was practically lost. They have agreed with Agroseguro a final assessment and may receive compensation beforehand.

The hiring of agricultural insurance in Extremadura for this campaign has increased. The number of declarations has increased by almost 15%, with more than 13,000 subscribed policies. The subscription of fruit insurance stands out with nearly 1,200 policies that cover a production of almost 300 million kilos; as well as cherry insurance, with almost 200 policies and an assured production that exceeds five million kilos, i.e. 19 % more than in the previous campaign.

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